Peek-a-Boo Petals + KH Equine Rentals + Nicole Delfraino Photography

Peek-a-boo Petals teamed up with KH Equine Rentals, Nicole Delfraino Photography, and some tiny models to do the first official Peek shoot! We headed up to Union County, Tennessee to the beautifully scenic KH farm for the location and guys.....O....M...G!! This place is everything you could ever want in a location, the rolling hills, very The Sound of Music-sque (might have had a Maria moment myself, it had to be done) super cute little pond, and the sweetest, most well behaved animals I've ever met. And I must confess, personally I was a little scared to work alongside such large animals (definitely more afraid than the little ones) but was quickly at ease because the owner, Kallie Hopper has trained and worked with the horses so well.  


We had three little models. Everleigh, 6 months, Maci, 1 year, and Adalie, 3 years. All the best little models I could have asked for. Especially for a first shoot. All three super comfortable with such large animals. The horses were almost more curious about them than the other way around. lol. 


Fun fact: this was actually the first time I had seen most of the headbands on! I do have a 5 year old bonus son that will be my little home model thankfully, but no one as small as the two littest models. So! I was super happy to see these on, see that they turned out super cute and see what I could tweak and make better!



And guys...... these PHOTO SKILLS, like whattttttt! Between shooting animals and small kids together it could be a photographer's nightmare but Nicole is such a pro. I had no doubt that she would nail the shoot to begin with (we have been friends for the last 4 years) but she absolutely knocked it out of the park. I could not wipe the smile off of my face as I was going through them.  Her and Kallie made everything go so smooth and easy, while I may or may not have been running around like chicken. I really could not thank them enough!!!


You guys should definitely go and follow these to great female owned local small businesses, I'm linking them here!